REVEALED: Google’s Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords

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I’ve been wanting to try out sensational headlines for a while now heh:)

Based on data from their massive in-house keyword research database and Google’s Keyword Tool, the team at Wordstream compiled the top 10,000 most expensive English-language keywords over a three month period, and then sorted them by niche.

Here’s how it breaks down, see if you can spot your niche in here (click image to enlarge):

Where Does Google Make Its Money? [ infographic ]

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15 comments “REVEALED: Google’s Top 20 Most Expensive Keywords”

Insightful, and well designed. On a related note, lawyers who handle claims for cord blood trading must have huge PPC budgets.

Nice infographic, I’m a little surprised the travel industry isn’t in it too.

Wow, very fascinating although I can’t say that I’m at all surprised that terms like “insurance” and “mortgage” are the most expensive given the nature of the those businesses (and the number of insurance and mortgage brokers that exist out there).

What’s quite fascinating too is that 97% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. Makes me wonder quite a lot about their business model – do they actually care about making money from other revenue streams? And what would happen to them if the Google search facility ever took a plunge? I would’ve thought they would have been keen to diversify a bit if, for nothing else, to protect themselves a little more.

That’s some crazy cpc cost.  Makes you wonder who’s gonna be able to pay for clicks in the future.

I’m in the insurance market and the ppc cost only works for the big companies that can afford to lose money on the lead generating front end. All of my traffic comes from organic traffic. Still some great niches in any industry to tap into. Interesting chart.

Nice blog, but Rehab at number 18?!? Did not expect that one!

God damn, $55 for an insurance click?

Insurance is one market that is definitely more suited to PPV than conventional PPC. 

Nice chart…
By reverse engineering, this gives a good idea which niches to choose for adsense websites 😉

It’d be interesting to see these industries’ top CPCs in Facebook and adCenter.

Insurance companies also dominate the airwaves as well. TV, Radio, Newspapers, and now PPC. When will it end?

Too expensive for me – I’d like to know which keywords fall into the bottom 20!

I have a long comment (sorry) but it is what I always think of when I see “insurance” at the top of these lists. I was talking with an insurance agent and he was asking a question I often get asked, “Why are insurance keywords costing such insane CPCs?”  I simply responded, “it is your fault.”  Obviously he looked at me with confusion and replied back, “how is it my fault.”  What many people don’t understand is that lead-gen completely inflates PPC advertising costs and only benefits the lead-gen companies. He would have to write policies on almost 75% of his clicks if he wanted to get top placements in-order to make a profit, but what he didn’t understand is that lead-gen companies could care less about writing policies, for them a conversion is simply someone filling out their info so that it can be resold over and over again.  The process actually hurts both the customer and the insurance company.  The customer who fills out a lead-gen form gets ticked off because his info was sold to 100 companies and they are all calling to give him his “free quote.” The insurance company is ticked because they are paying $3 for a lead that goes nowhere because they are competing with 100 other companies to get a ticked off customer. Sometimes I think it would benefit both the customer and the insurance companies if they stopped using the lead-gen companies and started running their own SEM. 

I have decided that geo + keyword is the way to go from now on

Google is king of all websites and search engines. Google is on first position in terms of revenue  generation. Really Insurance companies invest more money in advertisement. in term of internet marketing insurance company have main part in advertisement.

I track and monitor over 250 of the most expensive keywords here:

What’s interesting is the average cost per clicks are rising fast (even though the number of advertisers bidding on these keywords is plummeting).

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