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A couple weeks back we created a few new tools that I think I forgot to mention here.

People also send us lots of links to new tools. A couple of them that were sent in recently are a French company’s ad copy brainstorming tool, a cool City Concatenator tool, and a cool neighborhood Concatenator tool.

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11 comments “New Pay Per Click Tools”

very cool. The CPC ROI Calc reminds of the good old overture days.

Is there a chance of revealing the ppc ad group generator code and letting people host the script on their own servers?

Giovanna, I just wanted to stop by to say hi and thanks. When you started your first PPC campaign, it really inspired me to do the same. Now I am the proud owner of a campaign that gives me 500% ROI. All I need to do now is expand, expand, expand.

I really like your ppc ad group generator, very useful tool. I used it combined with the free tool at to build a new campaign, hope it works out well.
Thanks for the post!

Good stuff. Hope you’ll come up with more cool PPC tools!

Wow! Great Tools,

So Glad I found your site. I have been researching PPC marketing for some time now and learning a ton.

Google has a new tool, has anyone tried this out,

Google Search Based Tool.

Cheers and good luck PPCing!

Jeromy (AKA Hillbilly)

Very nice blog!!

pls. post more about adwords and tools…

If you need a writer… I will be glad to make a guestpost

Thanks! The adgroup generator looks good. I’ve been using speedppc for a while. However, it’s not within reach of everyone since it’s about $500….

Here’s a CPA bidding tool for campaigns that don’t qualify for Adwords Campaign Optimizer.

I love the same tools we all love and know that come from are now being produced on the paid search side.

We appreciate the time you guys put into these.

Oh and you should keep posting! I know it’s tough to post consistently and new ideas but you guys have some great stuff here! Hope to see some new stuff soon;)

Wow! This is a great resource. Very cool tool on the a/b split test calculator. I think I am going to bookmark this.

Thanks for making all these new tools available. I’m planning to use your a/b split test calculator into action immediatelly. Just want to share a bit here, I use semrush for getting keywords idea. For building a campain I really love affordable campaign builder. You can just build google, yahoo, and msn campaigns quickly. No more excel hassle for me. I use spyfoo for tracking.

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