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I recently spent hours playing with Ad Planner Beta, Google’s newest Adwords tool. If you thought Adwords Editor made your life easier, consider being spoon fed with Ad Planner. The program is amazing, especially if you site target on Google’s content network. It’s a lot like Quantcast, only much more accurate.

Google Does the Work for You

Demographic Filters

Just type in any URL and the tool will group it with other relevant sites. To get even more laser targeted, there is a demographics option where you choose:

  • location
  • language
  • age
  • education,
  • income and
  • gender


Site & Category Filters

After getting the results, you can sort through the data according to

  • impressions
  • page views
  • unique visitors
  • index
  • category

You can find sites with audiences related to any particular site. Here are sites related to

And for any particular site you can find audience details, similar to those provided in Google Website Trends, but with the addition of demographics information.

Filter by AdSense Formats

Here’s the fun part – You can easily handpick relevant sites that are involved in the Google content network. It even allows you to choose the types of media available.

Tons of Great Opportunities

While site targeted advertising tends to be less profitable than keyword targeted ads, if you’re using the content network for brand exposure or e-commerce, the Ad Planner can help you research and reach your target market.

And there are a variety of great non-AdWords related uses for this tool

  • compare your traffic levels to competing sites
  • find sites worth doing direct ad deals with
  • find affiliate sites worth emulating
  • find sites worth pitching stories to or writing guest columns for
  • find sites worth buying links from or buying outright

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15 comments “Review of Google Ad Planner: Site Targeting Cheat Sheet”

Just be glad that more and more people are installing adblock!

Interesting post! Giovanna, do you have any idea when will they open this tool for everyone?

Congratulation for the blog, there are not many blogs like that in Spanish, so, godd for us!

Nicely written articles with lots of screenshots and images. I can get 90% of the info just by skimming. You’ve got a lifetime reader if your quality and frequency stays like this!

Hi Juanzo
We signed up for the beta and were approved the next day. Not sure when it will be fully public, but it probably does not hurt to go visit their site and sign up for a beta join request.

Nice blog. Nice to see someone talking sensibly about PPC.

I agree that content targeted “tends” to be less profitable but when you get it right is seriously out performs search PPC results. It just takes a lot more work and looking.

I’ve subscribed to the blog.

Looking forward to more interesting posts.


Yeah! Great site! I was just think that it would be so nice to have a site like the SEOBook but for PPC! Congratulations!!!

I was in search for such a site to improve my PPC skills. I got access to Ad Planner its looks nice with many information related to site targeting stuff.

I am great full to you for posting a review aswell.

Thanks for the kind words everyone! Yeah, my goal is share my experience as openly as possible regardless of my reader’s industry, niche. In other words, I’m going broad 😉

Pretty cool stuff – interesting to hear the demographics data working for you, Gio.

BTW, your logo with the credit cards in the middle made me think you had a dash in your domain name. Might want to move those right/left. $.02

Nice post and excellent blog you have here Giovanna.

@Will Thanks!

@Gab Good point. Yeah, Aaron liked the credit card idea but I should get a new image and website design.

I can’t wait to get approved to Ad Planner Beta! I’ll spend hours and hours getting playing around with it also. After the new google trends update, ad planner, and search volume numbers, it looks like google is opening things up a little bit! Innnteresting…

Thanks for the post. Very useful information and a great blog design. Adwords is becoming a huge industry all on it’s own. These days anyone with a PC and Internet connection can be a very sophisticated online media planner ! I Stumble you 🙂

I do not see any of the PPC management Tools like Speed PPC that I use regularily to improve my quality score and bids.

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