Giving Back to My Favorite Websites and Blogs

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I live the Internet lifestyle and find it really unconventional. It has many advantages like the freedom to work your own hours and not commuting. Lately, I realized that over 70% of my spending are made online. All of my electronic goodies are purchased on the Web. For apparel, I still like going to stores but sometimes go direct for a few brands I am accustomed to. Sizing can be tricky too. UK8, US6, IT40, FR38, EU3, 28 are all the same size and indicates that I need to shed some pounds 🙂

Of course, buying from your favorite website is only half the fun if you didn’t click on an affiliate link. I used to go out of my way to sign-up as an affiliate before making a purchase. But since I matured and developed an extreme appreciation for blogs and websites I visit and learn from – I now go out of my way to check if they have an affiliate link for the product or service I’m itching to buy. I no longer see the benefit of being mercenary and profit from everything. Besides, the meaningful sites that entertain, educate and inspire me have tremendous value and I will be saddened if they no longer existed.

It’s amazing, really. We are very spoiled to have free access to the minds of industry leaders, heroes and really cool folks who openly share their knowledge. Clicking on their affiliate link is the least I can do to support them. Paying for their web hosting can work too, especially if they have host affiliate links.

There’s so many ways to give back. And it also makes one feel good and well behaved.


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5 comments “Giving Back to My Favorite Websites and Blogs”

I don’t actively look for the affiliate links, but if I know a site I like has them, I will go through them.

Your idea is about 100x better than Seth Godin’s.

I used to try to hoard affiliate links just like you said, but after a while decided that it’s better to support the people who put in the work to recommend these products in the first place (since that’s the business I’m in anyway and it’s all about karma).

Great Blog post and a great blog! I stumbled upon you by accident but have linked to you from my site and subscribed to your RSS feed. I love SEO Book as well. I’m with you, if I come across a site that I think is worthy I make sure I donate, buy their product without an affiliate link or mention them in my ezine. That’s what the web is built on a “giving spirit”. Let’s hope that mentality continues.

Yes, and an AMEN to that!

Good karma never hurts!

I’m always amazed at how many marketers will try to “stiff” the people they get their information and entertainment from by boosting their affiliate links or going around the affiliate link, directly to the vendor web site.

Remember … what goes around, comes around!

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