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This giving away a fully functional, leave on your server, analytic software started with a hosted program called tracking 202. I guess the fact that tracking 202 was hosted caused a bit of confusion at one of the marketing forums. It really sucks to create tools from your own pocket and then get accused of potentially stealing keywords.

That’s when Wesley Mahler, CEO of prosper 202, listened to his user-base feedback and immediately developed a free self hosted analytics software. I liked tracking 202 because it’s easier to set up. However, after playing with the self hosted program on Wesley’s Mac, I was instantly sold on the product. The weird thing is that the product is free. You can download here. This is not mandatory but if you like the product you can help out by donating here.

Aaron did this something similar to this two years ago by creating an entire suite of search marketing tools and not charge a penny for it. I honestly feel that our seo tools and prosper 202 are better than some of paid and expensive products in the market.

Take advantage of these tools. They will save you time, money and help you gather the right data so that you make more.

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7 comments “Free Self-Hosted Analytic PPC Tool and More”

Giovanna you forget to add link to Seo Tools 🙂

Thanks Giovanna! I have to find a way to return the favor now! I think we meant prosper202 instead of prospect202, but I know what you mean and appreciate it! Thanks!

Thanks soul-healer and Wes. I must have been half asleep when I wrote this at 2am. Funny how you’re really glued to the computer when you test and analyze data.

Hi Giovanna,

I will check it out thanks.
Btw the site looks good so far, I look forward to continuing to read.

FYI – I’m having trouble with your RSS button, when I try subscribe it just takes me to a page filled with code. Not sure if it is happening for other people but thought you might want to know.


Hey Jack,

I will look into the RSS button further. It worked with my computer but will ask others to check it. Thanks for subscribing and do hope you find the tools useful.


Haha thannks giovanna!!

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