Double Serve Google Ads Like a Boss

When I grow up I want to be a big brand.  You can double-serve Adwords ads to multiple domains and likely get away with techniques smaller advertisers would get insta-banned for:

Even if you eventually get caught double-serving ads, just blame it on your various agencies’ not properly communicating with each other in scheduling campaigns.

But hmmmm: they might just be onto something here if you’re a big-swinging brand: Double-dip your Adwords placements by directing traffic to your Facebook fan page as well.

There you can pitch whatever like and maybe even generate more direct sales than your generalized e-commerce ads:

The domain likely has a nice landing page quality rating, so no need to worry about using it as a bridge…

If you’re a small advertiser trying something like this, enjoy your “account disabled” email from Google.

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4 comments “Double Serve Google Ads Like a Boss”

ah the double edged sword

Is it possible for smaller advertisers to do this? I’ve seen some cases where people seem to be doing this effectively, whether or not that means they just haven’t been caught yet is another thing. 

From what I understand, the same adwords account cant have 2 ads displaying in the same set of results, is that correct?

Google doesn’t care about double serving as long as you make a half assed attempt at concealing it, in the office rental space in the UK there are 2-3 companies with about 3 ads each on every search query.

They often don’t even conceal their company identity in whois. They just churn out 5 domains for “”, “” etc etc.

Same thing for plenty of ecommerce retailers.

Looks to me like Google is encouraging this kind of behavior –

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