Adwords Scam Email Alert

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One of our community members posted about this this morning, definitely something to keep an eye out for.

The email is attempting to get you to login to a fake Adwords interface by submitting your Google Accounts login.

It looks like they’ve done their homework, the email comes from “” and tries to scare you into logging into the fake UI as “your advertisements have stopped running”.













The fake Adwords interface they’ve built is pretty slick looking as well.

Quite a few advertisers have received this attempt today, it might be worth a heads up to your staff and clients to watch out for it as well.

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3 comments “Adwords Scam Email Alert”

I had a client received one of these a few weeks ago. It had me fooled too, until I noticed the “to” field said “undisclosed-recipients” which seemed fishy…thanks for getting the word out.

Very clever scam. Think of all the ads these scammers can run without paying a cent of their own money.

I received some information about a $50 credit and logged in and claimed the funds. But it didn’t have a link, just instructions on were to login and were to navigate to get to the billing area if you are not familiar.

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