A Brilliant Use of Adwords For Branding

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Categories: Behavioral Advertising, Geo Targeting

A forum member on Brad Geddes’ Certified Knowledge site shared this gem the other day, and I thought our blog readers would love it.  It’s worth taking a couple of minutes to watch it with sound enabled:

I thought this was a fantastic example of how brands can use Adwords to drive awareness and customer engagement.  The “M&M trail” (a term coined by my friend Karl at Conversion Rate Experts) they left for users to go from search-to-search is a phenomenal way to drive user behaviour.

Of course, the use of multiple domains by anyone other than big brands would be seen by Google as a collection of “bridge pages” leading back to their main site, but if you’re a decent-sized brand you can get away with things that us plebs cannot:) Ah, to be a Brand…

Have you seen similar examples of how to use Adwords to drive desired consumer behaviour? Share them in the comments!

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One Response to “A Brilliant Use of Adwords For Branding”

Wow, this is a very opportunistic approach to branding within ppc. In your brainstorming for new keywords, other than monitoring trends, i wonder if they are somewhat selective on what makes the grade? Are they targeting only”fun” trending keywords maybe?

Nice post. Thanks.

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