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Right here! PPCBlog!

Well, we would say that…. 🙂

But we do offer a free introductory course, and there are some fantastic resources out there, some you may not have heard about. Here’s out top ten picks of external sites and resources. The tools come with a wealth of useful case studies you can use to enhance your own campaigns.

1. Google Adwords Certification

A comprehensive, free course for Adwords. Join the program and click on the “Study For This Exam” links. You’ll get access to the Learning Center, which provides a thorough background in Google Adworeds, to certification level. The exams cost $50 each, but you don’t need to take these to get access to the course.

2. Google Agency Toolkit

Keep all the essential Google tools together on one page. Also arranged in a way that lends itself to learning and discovery.

I can get lost for days on the plan stage alone!

3. Marketing

PPC is a form of marketing. If you understand the underlying fundamental principles of marketing, your campaigns are likely to be more successful.

Grab a few good books on marketing and give yourself a solid grounding. Seth Godin frequently riffs on marketing, and has written a number of excellent, easy-to-digest books on the topic. Our pick: All Marketers Are Liars.

4. Analytics

It’s hard to improve what you don’t measure. Top PPC managers tend to have excellent analytics skills. It’s not just about crunching numbers, either. It’s about spotting profitable patterns that other people don’t see.

Recommended Analytics blog: Occam’s Razor

5. Keyword Research

Keyword research is like digging for gold. Proving nepotism is alive an well, we’re going to recommend a post on SEOBook, and the SEOBook keyword tool.

There are a number of valuable tips and videos on that page, including Wordtrackers case study and white paper “Keyword Research Guide”.

6. Competitive Analysis – SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a hugely powerful tool that helps you monitor your competitors Adwords campaigns. There’s a modified version of SEMRush in the PPCBlog members area.

Here’s Aaron Wall’s review of SEM Rush.

7. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is a great blog about – as it says on the box – writing copy. PPC advertisers need good copy writing skills in order to produce effective landing pages, ads and headlines. Check out the following sections: Landing Pages, Headline Writing, and Copywriting 101.

8. Google Wonder Wheel

The wonder wheel is a great tool for making associations. Sometimes, the links between related concepts are difficult to spot in keyword lists, but easier when laid out in graphical form.

Resource: How To Make Money From The Google Wonder Wheel

9. Inside Adwords

Inside Adwords is Google’s official blog on Adwords. Contains news, tips and education resources.

10. Adwords Editor

The Adwords Editor is a desktop tool that makes campaign management easier. Make bulk changes, move through your account faster, and more.

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