Database of US Town Names & Zip Codes

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Recently the zip code guy blog highlighted a huge database of USA cities, towns, and counties in a wide array of formats. The database includes lists of

  • All US Cities
  • All US Counties
  • All US Zip Codes
  • Latitude and Longitude of Cities/Zip Codes
  • States and State Abbreviations

For $25 this database is a great investment if you are run geo-local AdWords campaigns using tools like Speed PPC.

This video offers more background on the United States zip code database.

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3 comments “Database of US Town Names & Zip Codes”

Great Post.
Thank you for the amazing tip.
We have some great use for Zip codes.

By the way is way better than SpeedPPC.

Obviously you are associated with EfficientPPC, but outside of that association what makes you think it is way better than SpeedPPC?

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