The One Type of Killer Keyword Nearly Everyone Overlooks...

Anyone can rattle off the top keywords in their particular niche. They typically consist of some variations of two or three word, non-brand specific terms like "car insurance" or "cheap flights".

BUT: Bidding on these broad terms is *never* cheap, and though they might 'define' your niche per se, chances are they're not going to be your top converting keywords anyway.

So what keywords can you get cheap bids on that most people overlook?

The Three Types of Searches

In general, there are three main types of keywords:

1. Informational ("How do I..., What is...")

2. Transactional ("Product Price..., Where to buy...")

But the third type can be one of the most profitable and typically ignored keyword variation:

3.  Navigational

Here's the secret power of this keyword type:

Many people, young and old, use the Google search bar as their browser address bar 

In fact, many users’ first action when opening a web browser is to type “” only to enter another domain address directly into the Google search bar.

People also frequently enter “<companyname> website” into the Google search bar as well if they can’t recall, or don’t care to enter, the specific site’s exact URL.

The power of understanding this behavior as it relates to keyword research can’t be overstated.  

The goal in researching and bidding on navigational queries is to redirect a user from a direct navigational search for your competitor, to your website.

Where can you uncover ideas for navigational keywords to bid on?

In addition to bidding on your competitors’ URLs, there are many more navigational possibilities. How about URLs for:

  • Well-known sites in your niche (forums, blogs, info sites)
  • eCommerce store names in your niche
  • Vendors you represent as a reseller (assuming you can get their permission)
  • Product trade names (users often look for “<productname>.com”)
  • Terms that define a niche ( i.e. “”)
  • Popular affiliate sites in your niche

You can decide how aggressive you'd like to be in bidding on navigational keywords (for brand and other reasons), but ignore them at your peril...If your competitors have mastered this strategy, you're missing out.

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