Five Great Adwords Ad Styles You Should Be Emulating Now

With the level of competition on Adwords these days, you absolutely must make your ads stand out AND be effective at the same time.   

Lots of clicks with no conversions isn't going to help you much.  Conversely, a high conversion rate with no traffic doesn't help either.

The following ads each possess a quality that can help you increase your ads' CTRs:


Get the leads while they're hot!  This ad text grabs people's attention with the promise of immediate help.  This can work particularly well in niches where people assume a long, arduous process will be required to find what they need.

Current Trends & DKI

These folks are smart to advertise on trending pop culture topics (which have surprisingly low competition) to drum up traffic to their site.  Additionally, they've used Dynamic Keyword Insertion properly to crank through a large list of popular movies and other trending pop-culture names and topics.

Addressing Objections Right in the Ad

Here, Crutchfield addresses the potential 'hesitation points' of a localized market right inside their ad, in effect showing them that "it's ok to shop with us even though we're not from your area".

Grow a Sense of Humor!

Nokia shows a bit of a lighter side grabbing attention with an ad that uses both an unusual headline and addresses a recent event (in this case an iPhone price drop).

Turn Broad Queries from Your Locale into Hyper-Local Ad Text

Here, the query was from Victoria, Canada for "digital camera", a very broad term.  If you've got your geo-targeting set up properly limit the regions that people see your ad, integrating the local city name directly into your headline can make you stand out from the pack, especially when all the other ads simply say "Digital Camera".

And now for a BAD ad text example

For keywords you really care about (aka the ones that pay your bills), take the time to check the Adwords ads from your competition before you write yours.  Google "wordpress themes" and you can see why.  Over six individual ads that all have "Premium WP Themes" in the headline.  Not a great way to stand out!

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